I am always being corrected by “them”…  You know that “they say” the housing market is going to explode.   You know “they say” that if Iran gets the bomb, there will be chaos.  You know “they say” that it is often bad to be good or vice versa.  You know Christopher “they say” you shouldn’t talk about what you believe.

I am not “just saying”…  I am saying what “they say”.  So we all had better listen carefully whenever anyone start a sentence with a “they say”.  Because an obvious scientific poll has already been taken that convincingly points to the truth that “they say” espouse.  We all are so lucky that we have such assurance available.

The fact is that those of us who use “they say” as part of our verbal tool kit are afraid to say what we believe.  “They say” is an admission, or , at least signal that we are not personally convinced of what we speak.  In other words, it points to our insecurity and ignorance.  Fine me $50 every time I use a “they say” to give substance to my argument.  Shame on me.  Give it to the poor or better yet a fund to re-establish English and grammar in our schools.

What have we become?  Where has our backbone gone?  Why are we so willing to defer responsibility?  “They say” it is because we have become so concerned with criticism that we have sacrificed our identity, our uniqueness , to be safe.  What kind of message does this send to our children?  I think it says be so careful that you should never step out or take any kind of risk.  It is the philosophical breeding ground for mediocrity and failure.  Over sensitivity to sensitivity.  Hmmm…??

You know  ( already wrote one on “you know” LOL ) we have a lot of soul searching to do.  We are facing an important election.  By the time you read this it will all be over….. but we have important choices to make all the time.  Our problem is that we don’t know how important they are.  It is the little decisions that are often the most significant.. yet we tend to look the other way and dismiss the small…  Especially if it may involve someone else.  The most important decisions are every decision!!  When a young person or some other person sees our decision they reflect on it, consciously or unconsciously.  A seed is planted about you and me that defines reality and what values have meaning.

Each of us is a living, important definer of existence.  What we say is important and what matters, not what “they say” .  Whoa… whoa…. You kidding me?  Hey I am a good father who works, likes football and beer.  You are saying “I am a definer of existence”???  Whoa…  I did not sign on for that.  Don’t throw that big philosophical stuff at me. 

Leave me alone. 

“They say” I have my rights.


Chris Bent



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