Transparency is the answer!  I want it on every t-shirt in every possible language!  English, French, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, etc.  We have finally carved out the solution to all that keeps us apart and allows evil to triumph.  Poverty will be erased as we know it.

The keynote idiom of the last election was promised transparency.  We have opened the Pandora’s Box of honesty.  But I bet we are going to disavow this philosophy sooner than later…  I bet…

We want all politicians to be transparent.  All their financials personal and business must be made available…  in every country.  In Yemen, in Iran, in Italy, in Britain, in China, even in North Korea… everywhere.  No individual who serves the public in any form can be excluded from transparency.

All businesses across the globe must be fully transparent; all their deals, all their executive salaries and bonuses must be detailed.

Social media is becoming the warrior of transparency.  If your wiener is lying then you get tweeted about and put on Facebook and the evening news so you feel real embarrassment.  We must stop worrying about embarrassing those who are criminal or evil or selfish.  Facebook the crook.  FaceCrook them.  Twitter the truth.  Embarrass dishonesty and evil.  Old fashioned stocks in the public square is what I am talking about, but now digital.  Stick their heads in the Facebook stocks!!  LOL

You want to steal?  From the poor??  Watch out… Transparency is looking for you.  Are you a smart ass punk?  With all that misdirected creativity?  Your new tattoo for life is your sins.  That means all of us.  Straighten out or be called before the Twitter Court of Transparency.

Now there is an exception.  Is it the Bureau of Transparency?  To whom does it report ?  It can’t be the Oval Office because it is the master of undelivered transparency.  Democrats are not transparent.  Republicans are not.  Certainly all their PACs  and backers are not.  Money travels in secret.  Corruption travels in secret. Transparentize their travel.

This is the challenge to all media.  Stop being political.  Force honesty.  Champion real issues.  Champion the poor.   Cure the cancer of entitlement.  Attack women’s rights in every country on this planet.  And do it now or continue to blaspheme your sacred mandate.

There is nothing wrong with the NSA.  Keeping my country and others safe is too important.  You can have all the info on me you want. I have nothing to hide.  Do we really realize that credit card companies and banks and the government already has it all?  We want our credit?  Who are the hypocrites?  Us.

We demand transparency but won’t yield it.

Transparency wants to do away with all evil.  So does the Bible.



Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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