From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™


Back the dumpster up guys…

Over here…

A little more to the Right.

Good. Hold fast.

Some of the political garbage will smell. Just ignore it and fill ‘er up.

Political impasse and special interest and greed and laziness and bureaucracy have fattened the corpus politic to a critical mass. Surgery, not diet, is the needed cure. There will be screams and
yells and accusations but I am sure Bose can make a new noise cancellation headphone. You need to drown out the naysayer’s drums. You will need a donkey filter on the left ear phone and an elephant filter on the right one. Then a special cancellation server to delete the relevant.

It will take a few years to get all the garbage into the Trumpster and truck it away.

That truck will be heavy. It has been special fitted with underside armor to deal with the I.P.D.s. Improvised Political Devices. It’s noisy. It has to get the power needed from oil. Solar won’t hack it. There will be some exhaust smoke to put up with. But the new fairer winds should send it away.

The contents will be able to fuel the new nuclear peace reactor. One reactor to power the entire planet and the electricity will be free. No more energy wars. All other reactors will be shut down
and filled with concrete. Pollutants to air and sea will be cut by half.

I know it’s just a dream.

But it’s a lot better than what is on the teleprompters.

Bring on the Trumpster.

It’s going to the dump.

Author’s note: This writ is Chapter 74 in the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD, a commentary on the politics of our times. It seems that Mr. Donald Trump has stirred the spirit of the nation and forced a long overdue conversation on the inefficiencies of government and bureaucracy and politics.

The book is not an endorsement of any political figure but more so provides the talking points they are missing. LOL

The Donald is sure controversial, but who cares? He has raised the bar.

No chapter is more than three pages and each is loaded frowns and smiles.

The book is humorous and provocative.

“Oh My Donald” OMD: Opinions Of Mass Destruction…. of the status quo….LOL

Chris Bent

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