From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™

Everybody loves great falls.

Niagara is the best.

This guy has been beat up so many times but he ain’t going over.

Not in his DNA.

Pundits just love to predict the demise of the demisers.

We have to wait and see.

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men” doesn’t apply here.

Why are stories of failure more fun than success?  Do we think we learn more from other’s mistakes?  Or from our own.  Write this guy off too soon, and you won’t enjoy the ride or the victory.

It’s not that we don’t want everyone to do good.   Because we do.  But we all are our own “Humpty’s”.  And many of us can’t be put back together again.  Some because of factors way beyond their control, but others because they never learned how not to quit.  How to live in Truth and compassion.  Attitude destroys too many.  Kids hide behind it.  The insecure hide behind it.  For some it is all they have because they are not being led elsewhere.

So we talk of leadership.  Being led somewhere where it is better.  Since nobody believes in God anymore we trust some human to do it for us.  Not ourselves; which is the tragic caveat.

If you do the same thing all your life you get good at it.  If you are a politician you get good at organizing the organizing of decisions.  Yielding to bureaucracy becomes the default decision.  Is our country a political organization or is it a business or is it a culture… or is it a stroke of luck?

It seems that economic vitality is essential to prosperity and jobs.

So maybe, just maybe…  we should roll the dice with a businessman.

Passion trumps politics?

Author’s note: This writ is Chapter 3 in the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD, a commentary on the politics of our times. It seems that Mr. Donald Trump has stirred the spirit of the nation and forced a long overdue conversation on the inefficiencies of government and bureaucracy and politics.

The book is not an endorsement of any political figure but more so provides the talking points they are missing. LOL

The Donald is sure controversial, but who cares? He has raised the bar.

No chapter is more than three pages and each is loaded frowns and smiles.

The book is humorous and provocative.

“Oh My Donald” OMD: Opinions Of Mass Destruction…. of the status quo….LOL

Chris Bent

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