Something amazing has happened in Naples, Florida.  A phenomenon that exists not elsewhere.  The letters to the lucky editor are 95% in favor of repealing the name ARTIS, which was so artfully conceived to replace “The Phil” or our Philharmonic Center For The Arts.   Democrats and Republicans are united.  When we all get together we can accomplish the impossible.

My gripe is not with this cause, but with women’s rights.  Why are no voices raised?  Why are  all the male dominated cultures given a pass when it comes to the abuse of women and children?  Where is the liberal media?  Where is the conservative media.  Why are girls sold into marriage?  Why are laws in existence which forbid women to do this and that?  Why is rape ignored?  Why is the woman victim the guilty one?  Why are our consciences so selective?  What bubble do we live in?

Where are the activists?  Shame on them and shame on us all as we revel in Washington scandals but not human ones.

We deserve ARTIS….  Any Reason TIgnore Sensibility.

Can’t we move on?  For the sake of the arts?

What’s abuse anyway?

Christopher Bent
Naples, FL

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