HHH is a professional wrestler.

BBB is the Better Business Bureau.

AAA helps you with your cars.

Triple X was a movie with Vin Diesel and is a symbol of evil.

Triple Crown is the ultimate in horse racing.

Brand new is Triple V, VVV, Veterans Visiting Veterans. An idea I hatched for my Vets in church to be more active.

We established a relationship with an assisted living facility and met with Veterans there. My concept is for each one of us to meet once a week for one hour only with the same veteran. Each having their own different individual. Just for conversation and companionship, nothing religious.

You well know that we Veterans have our own language and are rather private about our experience.

There are veteran’s associations out there, but none come close to this….
But when away from beer and alcohol in a private setting the sharing can be phenomenal.

When coaxed and assured that you are sincere, the stories flow from WWII to Korea to Vietnam to the present. Whether a clerk or a pilot, all served their country with pride. How they enlisted is a blast and humbling.

Telling the truth to fellow comrades is like a breath of fresh air. The humor is still there. Special.

A new friend, old Steve, has taken ownership of this ministry for me. His time in the service in Vietnam was rough. Hard to forget. But he has risen above the pain.

All who served are privately proud but quiet. Only 5% enlist today, the rest have no clue.

Our veterans all believe in a universal draft too.

VVV. Veterans Visiting Veterans.

Triple your pleasure……

Kinda cool? Eh??


Author’s note: This writ is Chapter 49 in the book 1-800-FOR-VETERANS-ONLY, written because I had to do something for veterans. I had started a Veterans Visiting Veterans mission in my church and at an assisted living home got some veterans to share. And share they did. Wow… humbling tales of WWII and Korea… all were so anxious to talk. And in a private atmosphere, no beer, the stories poured out. Veterans need veterans. This book is to all who are alone regardless of age. And to those I call again to serve them.

We all have our tales. Included are some of mine.

Veterans’ tales are gifts to us all, yet unopened.

Chris Bent


  1. Very well written Chris. When I arrived at the processing center at night I was told that we would not be provided a bed and that we could lie down on the concrete floor until morning. We were also told that we would not be fed. There was a candy and soda machine in the hall that we were free to use if we had the proper money. If I remember correctly I had not been given any American currency yet so if I wanted a Snickers bar I would have to break into the machine. I still had plenty of Marlboros and I think I smoked two packs while waiting for the sun to come up. And by the way Thank You For Your Service. I could have stabbed someone to death with my Bronze Star.

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