Nothing.  I don’t want you to do anything.  You don’t know what I am going through.  You don’t know what I am feeling. If I am bleeding and you can see the blood you can help.  Get a Band-Aid, apply a tourniquet, raise my head, give me a Heimlich, call 911.  Your eyes tell you the obvious and you can help.

In the majesty of our unique creation we celebrate and reject our uniqueness. We are really shy and don’t want to admit all that we have to admit. More importantly we don’t want to forgive when the pain is ours to manage and bear.  Anger replaces acceptance.  Forgiveness becomes demeaning to our self.

But without forgiveness we cease to exist outside of a world of pain.  How long we choose to carry pain and hurt is our decision, even if it drags others into the despair.  Too bad.  Anger fuels perseverance.

I cannot be free until I forgive.  I try every other possible angle…  but it still comes back to forgiveness.  If I refuse to forgive, or give it lip service I am owned by a weight of my own choosing.  This darkens the air around all near me, friends and family alike.

OK…  Really?  Ok… how do I forgive?  How do I try it?  Can I take it back??  Well… you can take it back, but then you haven’t forgiven…  and back to square one.

Ok, I forgive you, I really do.  If I do…  Hey I don’t feel as bad…  Can’t be for real?

They say..  “Try it , you’ll like it”.  Maybe that person I still don’t like…  always bothers me… glad he is not around…  yep…  wish he would go away. But… the only way he can really go away is if I make him go away by forgiveness…  then he leaves my mind…

We were all forgiven once.  But most don’t want to admit or even think about this.  We want to be us and not have to give up any control.

What can I do for you?  Forgive me for not being more understanding…  Just do anything.  Even pray.

At least it wasn’t me on the Cross..

Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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