How many times can a kid say “why”?  One why leads to another…  ad nauseam.  Why?

This is writ is going to drive both of us nuts.  Why?  Because the word why is going to attack us and we get enough of it all day long as it is.

It all started with our very first “Why Mommy”.   We didn’t understand why we were being asked to do something!!!  And when we saw mom and dad leaning over and explaining something we didn’t really understand we doubled down on our why’s?…. and there you are.  Wonder when the first why in history was asked.  Was Moses the first?…  or even Adam when he was given the apple????  Something to think about.  Who was the first atheist who asked why?  Just kidding.  Didn’t mean to offend any special interest group.  LOL.

This brings me to the problems of today.  Now this is crazy…but I fear we are not asking enough “Why?’s”.  We have stopped asking as to not bother others or maybe just not to bother.  To ask a why? There has to be a question and an answer sought.  But to ask a question may reveal a lack of knowledge.  Maybe the person you ask will know and think you are stupid.  Now that is painful.

We didn’t used to worry so much about what other people thought.  Life was simpler and things were more black and white.  (Now don’t ask me why?).  Something has happened to make us more passive or non-committal.  We are less confident.  Our innocence was not replaced with structure but was with doubt as there are so many explanations to everything.  And so many people with so many different feelings.   And….  Concurrently….. we are insanely more feelings-driven as we don’t know what else to trust anymore.

Why does so much of the world not like the USA?  Why is there so much hate in the Middle East?  Why do we act like there is no real evil or danger?  Why does money not solve more problems?  No matter where in the world we place it?  I think we are not asking the right questions as we are afraid to do so.

Birth and death are wonderful miracles that define all our why’s.   It’s what we do in between that matters and we are losing grip.  Can we talk about what is really valuable?  Can we talk about what really makes a difference?  Can we talk about what is the right way to live?  Can we talk about how to best teach and protect our children?  Can we talk about what we are not teaching them?  Can we ask the young veteran what he has learned overseas?   Can we ask him what he believes in?

If we can’t ask all these questions…  If we can’t have these discussions…  then who were we really meant to be?  Why don’t we have the answers?  Why don’t we want to believe?  Why?

Christopher Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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